Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Baby A is 11 weeks old

A quick update- she does mini pushups, she laughs, she coos, she speaks baby, she even plays with a toy (but only with her left hand). She's at that lovely age where she's not super attached to people yet meaning she will let anyone hold her and laugh with you if you make faces at her :)  She's her grandma and grandpa's  darling, both sets and her papa wants pictures of her throughout the day. She's also sleeping through the night waking up every three hours to feed. Meaning, I can finally get some semblance of sleep.

How's mom? I've chopped off my beloved hair that took forever to grow. I still have 10 lbs to battle but I'm working on it with limited carb intake, 4 sets of rigorous Tabata's every other day and yoga every day. My goal is to fit in my old pants again because it will be annoying to shop for new sets of pants !!! I can't believe three months is almost passed. In 9 months I'll go from seeing my baby everyday to only in the evenings. It's actually heartbreaking to think of. I also battle the urge to coddle my little one instead of stimulating and making her do physical activities like tummy time... But I must!

Our job is to prep her to survive on her own one day, I have to remember that!

I try to get my own things done when I can, when I have some hands free but it's hard. Much harder then I thought. Boy was I naive. Thank goodness for smart phones. But it doesn't matter, I fully understand my priorities now. I understand what people say now about mat leave- enjoy it thoroughly because babies grow so quickly! This time will not repeat itself.

That's my little update from my smart phone as I fake a nap next to baby so that she'll sleep a bit longer. Again, thank goodness for smart phones. Until next time!

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