Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Day 32 of mat leave: Breastfeeding and confinement

I am a milk machine. I have lost track of time. My days have turned into the hour of the feed and the hour of the diaper change. My mind listens for one thing and one thing only- the shrill scream of my child when she is hungry and when she is developing a bum rash from the acidity of poop in her diaper. Nights are the hardest because my body still thinks it has the luxury to sleep when it's dark. Unfortunately, it is in for a rude awakening. I am experiencing the rude awakening. Our child, as she did in the womb, is active and alert at night and slumbers in the day. No matter how much we poke and stroke her, she will not wake until it's 10 pm. And then she will not slumber until 8 am. In fact, that is when she goes through this insufferable activity called CLUSTER FEEDING. When she is constantly at my breast practically EVERY HOUR.

On the bright side. All this breastfeeding is significantly reducing the size of my pooch. My first day home, I was horrified that I still looked 7 months pregnant. At least now, I look a slim a 3 to 4 months pregnant. Maybe by the time my month of confinement is done, I will almost look like I did pre-pregnancy ?? Wishful thinking as confinement period will end in about two weeks.

My confinement, how's it going? I have to say, it's good. I'm forced to rest and take care of myself and focus solely on taking care of me and baby. Taking care of me ensures that my milk flow is good which ensures that baby is good. My milk flow is a little too strong as I hear baby choking on my milk sometimes. I am working to regulate the production line. Aside from that, I'm also focusing on getting rid of my insufferable hives and scars from the pregnancy itch. I am praying that they are all hive scars as those go away at some point. But I am prepared for another rude awakening when I discover that underneath those scabs are STRETCH MARKS that never truly go away........... You will be aghast to know that I have indeed not washed my hair in two weeks :) It's really not so bad, it's like deep conditioning for the hair. Of course, not washing hair or showering for two weeks is made alot more bearable when it's -40 degrees celcius in the dead of winter. Sponge bathing with my heat cranked on high in the bathroom feels quite sufficient in this weather.

However, I am washing my hair tomorrow, two weeks unwashed may feel like conditioning, three weeks unwashed and I'm sure A will just stop sucking my boob.

Wishing that I could blog something more informative, useful, interesting, focused........ but this is all I got.

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