About Moi

I’m a late twenty something female, married and expecting her first child. I work at a software company, am Canadian-born and am of Chinese ancestry. I’m starting this blog because I was completely inspired by BecomingMinimalist's post on “15 reasons why I think you should blog”. In the past, I had sporadic moments of blogger ingenuity, as life passed and one important event led to the other, it just became less and less sporadic, less and less consistent. In fact, I was beginning to believe that only travelers and fashionistas plagued the blogosphere and there was no real room for plain old me- a simple 9 to 5 gal who enjoyed her nights off watching TV, having dates with her husband and mom and getting life’s endless list of sh*ts done on the weekends. But I realize, there’s plenty of room on the internet for different voices leading different lives and different passions.

So what is my life and what are my passions? I’m almost thirty and I can finally say after decades of deep (?) soul searching that my passion is to maintain happiness in life. Happiness really isn’t a destination. True happiness is a constant state of being and it’s dependant on many factors like health, relationships, spirituality, productivity, hobbies and truly knowing oneself. It’s funny that I should say that happiness is my passion because I can seem outwardly cranky and sarcastic. But make no mistake, it’s all in the name of happiness :)

So is this blog about happiness? Not really. I’d say it’s about the pillars that support this effervescent, sunny, sweet smelling cloud called happiness through the eyes of a modern, almost thirty Canadian lady that works in the software industry and is starting a family with her soulmate. The real low down yo- not the sparkly crap from Sex in the City.

Give me a few reads, I’m sure I’ll rub off on you.

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