Friday, March 14, 2014

Baby and poop

So my mother in law thought it was weird that our baby pooped more then once a day since according to her, my husband use to do just that. Worrying after her comments, I looked this up and realized it was really common for babies these days to poop once a week... And even once every 10 days. ... To which I thought wtf? That's major constipation. Then I started worrying if our baby was pooping all the nutrients out since according to moms whose babies pooped once every 10 days, they just absorbed all the nutrients of breast milk hence there is no waste.

.... But amidst my own life experiences and intuition, that makes no sense. And then I read this article:

Our babies, our guts or: what Napoleon can reach us about breastfeeding

And I totally agree. Just because it's common doesn't mean that it's healthy or normal. They explain very well the important link between moms diet and baby's pooping schedule. And the fact that, babies ought to be pooping everyday!! It just makes sense when even on solids, we still need to poop once a day at least!

Interesting read, take a look!

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