Monday, March 17, 2014

Parties with a baby

Is a logistics nightmare. Every time we leave the house, it's like we are going on a trip. Not to mention that you're never sure if the location hosting is baby friendly. Or if the people around are baby friendly. We got a comment yesterday 'don't you have parents that can baby sit for you?' -seriously? Somebody's getting judge-y about us bringing our 3 month old to a party... A BABY shower party?! Anyway. Weddings have to be the worse... The loud music, loud mc, so you end up just taking turns with your partner to bring the baby outside for the whole duration that you're there.
Life is just not the same anymore.
It's worth it to introduce baby to the world though ! Her first time to the shore, to a wedding and a bazillion new faces and smelly perfumes.
... Next time we try to limit one event per day though. The logistics challenge is tough on mom and dad.
Some lessons learned:
- wear comfy shoes
- wear white in case baby spits up on you
- don't forget shit like baby wipes in your diaper bag!! That was a fail on our part...

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