Sunday, September 1, 2013

Day 6 of major basement rehaul

And the saga begins. Since moving into our current place, we haven't really put much effort into de-cluttering and reorganizing/optimizing spaces for best usage. Instead, we've been neatly hiding all items into our closets and our "everything" room in the basement! It's really been inefficient. Sometimes, we buy something from Reno Depot and find out a week later that hey, we had this afterall squished up in that little corner behind that box in the "everything" room. Unfortunately, the daunting task of going through all of our junk never surfaced to the top of our task list.

Until now. With the upcoming addition to our family, as Lara Dutta likes to say in her awesome 30 minute prenatal FREE yoga video on youtube, we must make room for the baby! I spent 3 weekends de-cluttering and reorganizing our closets on the first floor. My husband spent 2 weeks repainting our living room (cause I didn't like the yellow walls anymore, I swear we had an interesting vision but it only panned out at certain hours of the day and the rest, we had to deal with different hues of weird yellow and green ?? ) and the "everything" room. 

The issue with the "everything" room is that, it's seriously got a lot of junk. And moving that out and about to paint the walls has been a headache. And now that everything is out, it would be stupid not to go through all the junk and do some much needed purging. Yesterday alone, I finally made peace with my university life and discarded 4 hard years of notes, assignments and old exams from my signals & systems, electronics, digital design.... etc. etc. courses. Well, I dumped them in the recycling bin. Maybe one of the collectors will just be moonlighting as collector by day and enginerd by night and make use of my old notes ??

So now I finally have 2 ROWS of free space in my library. SCORE ! No need to buy a DVD rack now because I got space. Anyway. It's hard irritating work but you come out feeling lighter, more liberated and you love your living space more. One, because you know where everything is so you feel like you are more efficient when you're doing anything in the house and two,  it just looks better. 

I'll share some tips and tricks on how to make this as painless as possible. And my thoughts on that SICO Evolution Paint and Primer product, I usually don't care to do reviews for these things but that stuff went so below my expectations, it requires a b*tch rant. For now though, it's time to get back to the grind of purging. 

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