Friday, August 30, 2013

Miley and Robin at the VMAs

This morning I clicked on an FB share for this article by Matt Walsh regarding the VMAs performance by, I'm sure you've seen, Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke. When I first saw that performance, I was totally offended as a woman and as a mother-to-be by Ms. Cyrus. I mean, what in Gods name was she thinking? In all honesty, that wasn't sexy at all. It was grotesque and plain old bad and uncomfortable like bestiality porn. All my feelings of wrath and disgust were instinctively directed at Miley Cyrus- how could she not know better? I mean, she's TWENTY years old for pete's sake !

... Ha ha ha... I didn't even stop to realistically think about what I knew when I was twenty or what I wanted to prove or how I identified myself at that age. I forget how silly we can all be at the ripe ol' age of twenty, especially in this "modern" world of over-valuing women's sexuality. When did becoming a woman simply mean being sexually liberated ? What about knowing oneself ? Knowing what I want in life for my career, my family, my relationships ? Knowing what makes me happy ? When did the cross into adulthood for women necessitate the clothing of a cheap hoe from a rap video or the mindless gyration of one's ass in public ?

I sound old. I mean, back in my hay day, it was the same thing but I didn't have these questions because I was still in my self identifying stage. Today, I'm a decade older and I'm appalled. But after reading that blog post, I'm even more appalled at MYSELF ! How could I defer none of this wrath and disgust towards Mr. THICKE who duly deserves it ! I didn't even think about it. WTF self ? Mr. Walsh is infinitely correct in stating that as a grown ass 36 year old with a child and wife, Thicke ought to know better then to take part in that nasty debacle. Miley is young. She's in her self identifying age. So she's bought into the hype that in order to show the world that you're a woman now, you have to be nastily sexual or they won't take you seriously, why are we pointing fingers at her ?

Why aren't we pointing fingers at the society that creates this misconception for young women ?

Starting with Mr. Thicke who as a grown ass adult should be more responsible but instead is helping to propagate this awful notion of what it is to become a woman. Awful and a LIE. You twenty year old young women out there, it's a LIE. Becoming a woman does not mean that your identity has to be I'm-all-about-sex. There are many facets to becoming an adult. Like becoming savvy about your personal finances, embarking and building your credibility in your career, learning about yourself and what you want in your relationships, what you want in a life partner, etc. etc.

That blog was an eye opener, especially for myself. I will think twice before making such passionate judgement next time and I sure hope that blog post gets a bazillion shares so that all young women can have a different perspective.

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