Monday, September 16, 2013

Commuting and pregnancy

This pregnancy has certainly changed my view on commuting. For one, every person that sits in a designated seat for the elderly, disabled or pregnant lady and pretends to be engrossed in their phone or book or newspaper or suddenly falls asleep AFTER SEEING EITHER OR in a packed train, are disgusting human beings with no etiquette or manners and one day I hope your bag breaks, all your crap falls out and people just keep rushing past and step on your things :)   In fact, I hope that I can be there to step on your crap not once but multiple times. Back and forth.

Now that the air’s cleared. 

Today, like on countless other days, I encountered one such lovely lady. She spent a minute or two studying my belly, then met my eye and then by some miracle, her newspaper became grossly fascinating. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud and shake my head. On the bright side, I think she heard me, decided to put away her paper and asked if I’d like her seat. I replied with great welcome, “yes of course, thank you for your kindness”.  

I guess there’s hope for human kind after all. 

The other day, I stood for one stop before somebody got off the train. There was a lady in front of me, I asked her politely if I could have this seat as I’m pregnant. I guess she didn’t hear me because she went off exclaiming that she’s been standing for 8 stops already and how unbelievable that I had the audacity to ask. I gave her a blank stare, removed her arm and sat my butt down. I realized that that lady really needed to be set straight. When she also sat down in front of me after somebody else got off, I tapped her politely on the knee and explained, clearly and loudly that I was in my third trimester and there is simply not enough room for me on a packed train and since I am small, people simply do not notice me hence, I needed this m*therf*cking seat you moronic, ignorant b*tch. 

Ok. I didn’t swear. I was insanely polite and sweet. And I’m glad because she turned a nice beet red and showered me with apologies once she noticed the bump under my coat. I hope that I’ve helped her curb her ignorance.  

Sure, I should simply get on the train and start poking people’s shoulders. But man, it’s just so stressful to have to do it daily. And then you have the people who actually say no… yes folks, it’s happened to my coworker’s wife.  

Anyway. I have a new perspective now and this will affect how I commute for the future. 

Give your seat to the pregnant lady! She’s likely tired with lack of balance and she shouldn’t be shoved around by students with big bags who won’t take them off and ignorant, uncivilized commuters who won’t put away their damn papers even though the train is packed to the brim. It’s bad for her child and it makes you a very inconsiderate and awful person. 

There. I said it. Yes I did. 

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