Monday, February 9, 2015

Yoga and being present

Hello blog, it's been so long! Today I'd like to talk about yoga and meditation and how much it's made a difference in my life. I decided to take yoga seriously the last two months and by seriously, I mean, to not just focus on the physical training because that's just one element of yoga but also on the others. I won't go into detail about the 8 legs of yoga because I'm no expert and you'll find much better information with a simple Google search. I can tell you how sticking with it for 2 months has helped me in my rather busy life now that I'm back at work full time.

The thing yoga teaches you is self forgiveness. Sure I don't always succeed in practicing every single day. Sure I don't always have energy to do that particular workout. And sure, sometimes, most of the times, my brain wanders. But the fact that I'm even aware of it is already a good thing and the next step is to simply accept it, let go, forgive myself instead of becoming frustrated- to just try again to focus on the moment, to focus on my breathe, to focus on the stretch. Yoga teaches me to forgive myself when I always have a tendency to become exponentially upset and frustrated when things don't go as I plan.

Yoga also teaches me to be present. There are so many distractions these days. Everyone has a smart phone, everyone has a tablet. Nobody has dinner without whipping the phone out. My husband tries to read his blog feeds at dinner time. It's incredible how connected we all are and how NOT connected all this available connection is making us. Yoga reminds me that today is today, it will never happen again. The moments that I experience today, I will not get to enjoy ever again if I waste my time not noticing and being on my phone or worrying about tomorrow or regretting about yesterday. And this my friends, my viewers, this, is such an important lesson to grasp when you have a child. Because children grow up so fast.

Everyday I see my daughter and she's just transforming into this spunky little person that likes to laugh and play and joke! She's so playful and so full of energy and so full of life, I love her so much, I think that my heart can burst. And I want to relish every moment of that. Every single moment when I'm still the light of her life, when she still bursts with joy when I come home from work because one day, she will grow up into a broody teenager and not want to see my face at all. So today, yoga reminds me to soak up these precious memories.

And with that I wish you a nice evening :)

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