Sunday, September 21, 2014

Natural products

So since becoming pregnant and a mom, I've become alot more conscious of the things I put on my skin and in my body. The first thing that I converted in my regime were my skincare products. I swapped my moisturizer for Argan oil in the warmer months, worked very well. I swapped my smelly Tony Moly toner with half part apple cider vinegar and half part water, works well at maintaining my acne and minimizing my pores. I'll need another moisturizer for the winter so currently pondering what I should replace my Derma 211 with. I swapped my deodorant with a salt stick and daily baking soda washes in the underarms. For special occasions though, I don't take a chance, I do use the conventional anti-perspirant stick. I've swapped out my chemical-y L'Oreale on sale shampoo and conditioner with fancy snotty 10$ a tiny bottle natural shampoo and conditioner with ingredients lists that comprise of different oils. I'm glad I did, the L'Oreale conditioner was giving me acne, plus it made my hair feel heavy and annoying.

The thing with going natural is that once you start...... there's so many things you realize that you should swap. I try the best that I can. I've swapped out our house cleaner with a generic 'natural', 'biodegradable' brand from the supermarket. The ingredients list tells me it's some concoction of citrus acid and it smells orange-y. It works well in the bathroom. Next in line is our our dish washing liquids soon, once all the products we bought on sale are used up. The same with our clothes detergent.

Along those lines, I've noticed some hype on my Facebook feed regarding Arbonne products and their 'purity'. I'm very suspicious of these claims as the individual spouting this marketing hype has little to no qualification when it comes to nutrition and skincare... or science research for that matter. Which is how I landed on this blog post that investigates Arbonne products and their ingredients list. It's a good reminder to separate marketing hype versus actual product value.

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