Friday, December 6, 2013

Day 9 of mat leave: Tempers, good intentions, some good food and some not so good.

Tempers and good intentions were my bane yesterday. And yet again, I run through conflicting feelings of pleasing others and pleasing myself, especially at this time. All of which, lead me to into one big conundrum of explosive ill behavior resulting in regrets and hurt feelings. Sometimes, best intentions are not what the receiving party needs but one should still stay calm and appreciative which I totally failed to do. Lessons learned- be clear on my needs, even if it's to reject a well-intentioned action and to calm the fuck down all the time, think before doing or saying! Things that all mamas try to teach their kids and after 30 years, I still have a horrible time abiding by. Anyway, what's done is done. Remediation actions taken, at least the best that I can think of for the situation and nothing to do but accept that I have faults, what's done is done and to move on.

Which leads me to think on my own tendency to be unforgiving and unrelenting in my anger when I'm on the receiving end of wrong behavior. Perhaps it's simply time to forgive and forget and to remember that everybody has faults and makes mistakes. Just like me. 

Aside from a bad morning and then a worst late evening, I had time to make some new items last night for a visiting friend. I made winter melon soup, soy chicken and my tomatoe & egg dish but with a different method that FAILED big time LOL. Unfortunately, as I was rather distracted from the drama in the AM, I failed to take pictures but here are the recipes-

Winter melon soup
-carcass, feet and neck of chicken
-a slab of lean pork meat
-a few slices of ginger
-these dry red cherry things that I wish I knew the name of in English so this will be a TBD until I find out... 
-a slab of winter melon, really up to you how much you want in there

-all ingredients except for the winter melon into a pot with water filled to cover everything. This part's a wee bit tricky as it depends on your pot and you want to make sure that after when you add the winter melon, there's still enough space left in the pot for the soup to not boil over.
-bring pot to a boil and then simmer for an hour.
-cut slab of melon into eighths and dump into soup, simmer for another hour.
That's it!

I added too much water, once my winter melon was in, the pot was about to overflow so I had to remove a bowl of soup practically so the soup could've been tastier with more chicken carcass, pork & melon flavor. But otherwise, still hearty and healthy. 

Soy sauce chicken
-some chicken pieces, I had a full drumstick, two pieces of breast and 2 wings. BUT, these parts were from a HUGE chicken, my friend thought I used a small turkey :)
-a metal skillet
-1 small spoon of dark soy sauce
-Enough light soy sauce so that all pan is covered with chicken inside
-about 3 teaspoons of sugar
-2 slices ginger
-2 scallion pieces, about 3 inches long

Put everything in an oiled cold pan, cover with top, put on high sauces boil, then put on lowest heat and simmer for about 30 minutes. I chose to flip the pieces so all sides get a good simmering in the sauces and simmered for another 10 minutes.

Super yummy chicken and sooooooooo easy ! Will do this again for sure. 

Tomatoe-egg dish
-tomatoes sliced into quarters
-whipped eggs, I guess 2 for 3 people menu, 3 for 4 people menu
-a PAN!! not a pot like what I used yesterday because I was too lazy to break out our other pan since I was using the metal skillet for the chicken........ 
-2 teaspoons of sugar
-1 teaspoon of salt
-minced garlic

-heat up pan on high and oil it up 
-dump the garlic in and let heat up until a bit golden
-dump tomatoes in
-turn heat down to medium
-stir a bit, tomatoes will start melting but while still whole, pour egg over the tomatoe and put cover on to let dish cook. 
-once egg is solidified, stir the dish a bit and let cook for a bit longer until all of the egg is cooked.

I used a pot which didn't give enough surface area to the tomatoes and I ended up with tomatoe soup and because I didn't put the egg in while the tomatoes were still whole, I ended up dumping egg into soup which gave me a tomatoe-egg soup. Fail. Will have to do this again another day. 

A for effort and B+ for result I'd say !

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