Sunday, December 8, 2013

Day 10 of mat leave: And my approximated due date has come and gone

My approximated due date was the Friday that passed. The doctor checked me up and there appears to be not much change from the week before. Meaning that baby is happily inside womb with no real intention of exiting immediately.... grr!! I'm wondering if my daily yoga sessions of giving baby space and comforting rhythm is the culprit. Am I making it just too comfortable for the little one? The doctor is giving me 11 days past due date before induction so here I go trying everything now.

3 sets of timed 30 minute walks around the house. 
3 sets of pelvic exercises consisting of 10 minute squats, 2 pelvic opening yoga moves, 3 pelvic opening exercises on the exercise ball. 
4 minute alternating nipple stimulation exercises 2 sets at a time, 3 times a day.

In fact, in case the latter does not cut it, I'll quit procrastinating and get the breast pump today to start pumping 10 minutes each book, 3 times a day as a friend has suggested.

Please come out before 11 days baby O_O Mama don't wanna get induced. 

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