Monday, November 18, 2013

Nausea.... again ??

What a long and hard day. I have to say, I've been pretty grateful about my overall state of pregnancy thus far, in terms of how I feel daily and how I've been able to handle work and take care of myself. However, I was very correct in surmising that I would not last another week given the state of my sleeping schedule this month. In fact, I think I could've started my leave this week. Add to that, my old pal, nausea from first trimester who took a leave of absence once I entered my second seems to be revisiting once more. Some forums claim that this is a sign of labor to come which I guess I'd prefer instead of food poisoning but at the same time, that leads me to believe that I may be one of those laboring moms that will puke on top of the standard woes and pains......... yaaay.........................................

Alright. That's all I really wanted to say about nausea. Next, I'd like to talk about my support system because I am so lucky. I mean, there are definitely pros and cons to having your mother live with you when you're married but when you're expecting, it's a huge advantage. Add to that, my mother is such a busy body and she hails from that communist era of work work work so not only does she ensure that I pack a super healthy lunch with a bazillion fruits for snackage, she also helps with our laundry and outside home maintenance work (where ever she can) whenever we're too busy with shopping or doing baby prep stuff. She just picks up the slack and keeps going allowing me plenty of time to relax and do my yoga and get my sleep. One day I must tell baby how well grandma's been feeding & treating her since her conception.

And of course, there's husband, currently my personal chauffeur, bag holder, sock and shoe wear helper and heavy duty home cleaner. He's a lovely man and I wouldn't have expected less :)

All this to say- I'm grateful and one day soon, baby's going to know what a loving home she's coming into!!

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