Saturday, October 5, 2013

Hanging Laundry...

After a super busy week of hardly being home and finding the house a total mess, my guilty pleasure is to wake up early, do load after load of laundry and hang them. Hang them on the lines, hang them on the racks, rotate them as they get done... the WORKS! And then finally, sitting at our kitchen island and staring out the balcony doors, observing the wind and breeze work it's drying magic on my clothes as the sunlight infuses each piece with that genuine sunshine smell that only real sun rays can do. It's an all the more precious experience when you live in Canada and the only possible horizon to do so is within a 4 month period.

It's not a particularly exotic activity but it's strangely relaxing and it's important to take a breather and enjoy the simple things in life :) 

The above painting is by Camille Pissarro. His strokes remind me of Monet. I quite like both of their styles and their choice of subjects. Their artwork always reminds me of quieter times. 

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