Friday, June 27, 2014

Crying it out

Our version of the Ferber method commenced yesterday after the hubby lost it with our little love nut. Unfortunately since coming back from a small road trip to see family, her sleeping habits were completely out of whack.

Last night was hard. Our girl is such a diva. I always thought diva tendencies were conditioned but I know now that it's all temperament that you're born with. This girl cried, screeched and practically screamed for 30 minutes. I thought she was going to choke. I waited outside the bedroom literally sweating bullets and regretting starting this at all and beating myself up for being the worst mom ever, what the hell was I thinking, this poor kid is going to be traumatized.

I couldn't be in the room, the sight of me and my boobs  made her that much more agitated- like why aren't you nursing me to sleep woman?! My husband was in the room though, checking up on her periodically, sometimes picking her up to soothe her when she got really insane.

But then she stopped... Started to play with her feet... And then after a bit more whining, fell asleep finally after 1 hour and 15 minutes.

The seemingly longest hour EVER.

Every nap since, I've tried to apply the same technique and so far, the crying has been minimal. It's the second night and she's picked up a habit of rolling over instead to get our attention. We roll her back and tell her we love her, it's time to sleep now. Tonight it took 30 minutes to sleep and no berserk crying.

I really hope there's no regression but so far, this is a major improvement already!

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