Monday, December 16, 2013

Day 17 of mat leave: Tomorrow I will be 11 days overdue

Tomorrow I will be induced. The doctor has warned me that this may be a long process as my cervix isn't super favorable- soft but posterior. I can't help but be seriously aggravated. I also can't help but feel like everyone else makes me feel guilty for not having done enough to be on time. And if someone tells me one more time to do more stairs or walk more or carry heavy things or ask why the baby isn't out yet, I am going to release a torrent of horrible profanity that I've kept bottled up inside for the last 2 weeks.

I have done everything possible to be healthy and in shape. I've walked every day, I've yoga'd every day, I've eaten huge amounts of fruits and vegetables and protein and good carbs and stayed away from junk every single freaking day. I've done all that I can to have a healthy baby and a healthy birth. So I really wish that people would quit assuming that I haven't walked enough, haven't yoga'd enough, haven't had enough water melon or had too much water melon blah blah blah. 

Just be healthy baby. I would ask for an easy time tomorrow but what's the point. What will be will be. 

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