Thursday, December 12, 2013

Day 13 of mat leave: Mini surprises

This week is the week of mini surprises. Yesterday, I received a cute package from Nestle with a bag of new born diapers, a starter milk powder and liquid package and a mini diaper bag with pad. Today, I saw a Purolator truck pull up in front of our home and joked to myself "wouldn't it be funny if I were to get another package today!" and lo and behold, I did! A Graco Glider! At first, I thought, oooh, is this another promo package?? It was rather large so I had my doubts and once I checked online for the price of one, I figured, if this was a promo package, they'd be going out of business. There was no real indication of who sent it on the exterior of the box and as the box was just too heavy for me to drag around and open- I waited till the husband got home to do preliminary inspection. Turns out, it's a thoughtful gift :)

Anywhoo. That was nice and a good pick-me-upper while my patience is tested. Pumping my breasts have resulted in a some weird feelings that I'm still uncertain if they are real contractions. What IS happening though is that I'm getting leakage, at least we know that's working. But if this method isn't tipping me over the edge then labor is still a little farther away. Tomorrow I will begin to mentally prepare for induction. My coworker's wife managed to do it without an epi though her experience terrifies me. 

Mind over matter and whatever is best for baby. 

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