Saturday, November 30, 2013

Day 5 of mat leave: Baby hasn't dropped yet O_O

So yesterday's menu consisted of 'cheat' foods since my husband worked from home and I just eat alot more junk when he's around. For lunch, I made the best bowls of instant noodle with left over chicken, dumpling and broccoli and carrot. I know instant noodle is no good for you but at least I balanced it out with protein and greens! Next I made two servings of guacamole thinking that husband would partake in guacamole bliss with me and our gluten free crackers but he digressed and since I didn't want to waste perfectly fine guacamole ..... I ate it all myself. Since gluten free crackers are on the 'yang' side, I then tried to balance it out with some 'yin' foods such as that really yummy green bean soup that my mom slapped together the night before, which I really have to learn to slap together myself because it was yummy- resulting in me being massively bloated and full to the point of suffering from shortness of breath.

Which is the best time to go see your obstetrician and to get weighed!

So yeh. The receptionist who usually does the weighing eyed me up and down and chuckled "damn. 6 lbs in one week!" Ha ha ha.... I almost wanted to blurt out "but I swear it's fake weight because I just stuffed my face with food!" and then I caught myself because that just makes me sound like I'm in denial.

Anyway. This was the first visit where I got my cervix checked. It's just as uncomfortable as a regular pap visit. So you can imagine my discomfort from the general process of a pap exam coupled with me being way too stuffed AND add to that the extra 35 lbs that I apparently now bare while on my back. So when the doc tells me to relax, I just go blank, how the f do I relax in this state?? .... we managed. Turns out, baby's head is not yet in the pelvis and after the doppler check for her heartbeat, turns out, she's still really high up !! Sigh. All this pointing to baby staying put in the oven likely past her approximated due date.

I had a feeling that that would be so though. Aside from feeling super heavy and the side effects of being heavy, I haven't really felt much else. No real contractions, bleeding, lactating, nada. So come this week, I will be focusing on all the 'natural' methods for encouraging baby's head to get in my pelvis! I finally invested in an exercise ball and I'm gonna rub my nipples- don't giggle! Apparently it promotes the release of some hormone that promotes contractions which will guide baby's head down my pelvis.

Let's see how all this goes.

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