Sunday, August 25, 2013

Mosaicultures 2013 at the Botanical Gardens in Montreal

I’ve been making a conscious effort these days to do spontaneous and enjoyable activities in between our chores and tasks with my husband. I’ve been warned by many parents that now is the time because when the baby comes, life will change and for better or worse, you won’t have those lost hours again for another two decades. One of those activities is the Mosaicultures at the Botanical Garden. My husband and I went yesterday evening and it was absolutely breath taking regardless of the throngs and throngs of tourists. 

What’s so special about plants that look like giant statues? I mean, sure, they’re nice to look at but ho hum. Aside from the enormity, creativity and beauty of the exhibits, the beautiful landscapes and even the surreal matching melodies that play softly in the background to accompany the theme of the exhibit, the point is to recognize and celebrate the beauty of nature, our earth and our resources. To re-attain that awareness of our physical surroundings and to be conscious of our limited resources. I think their website describes it best here.

It was lovely. The price is a bit steep, 25$ for Quebec residents but you get two visits and I guess two visits is necessary considering it takes 2 hours just to go through the exhibit. If you haven’t visited the rest of the gardens already, it’s a must do. The place is gorgeous. Unfortunately, I’ve already done the gardens a bazillion times everytime relatives visit so that wasn’t of real interest for me. So to not waste the tickets, I’ll probably bring my mother on another day to enjoy. 

As city dwellers and cubicle professionals, I’m conscious that my kind totally loses sight of nature, the vasteness of our universe and our insignificance really, when you look at the big picture. Knowing this, I’ve been making an effort to drag the hubby to the park more often whenever we can squeeze in an hour or two of free daylight time. Our lives are forever frenzied. Probably 5 days out of 7, I think, there just isn’t enough time to do all “this”. In the end, is all “this” important or is living in the now and enjoying the simple joys of a sunny day and a soft breeze through the trees of more value to Life.

Don’t let the daily hustle con you of valuable time ... and with that, please enjoy some of my amateur shots from yesterday from my Sony Nex camera, edited lazily on Google Plus.

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